Bohemian Highway
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BESPOKE Wine country experiences

Yes, there is an actual Bohemian Highway. This pastoral stretch of winding, two-lane road meanders across ten miles of western Sonoma County and is one of the most scenic drives you can make in Northern California. But to us, it’s also a state of mind. And Bohemian Highway Travel Company is more than a tour company. It’s a glimpse into the magical way of life here. 

Like our namesake roadway, our bespoke Wine Country tours will change your perspective on Northern California travel. We design each of our tours to meet the preferences of our guests. The excursions focus on off-beat places and the people behind them. They dig deep into local history. They celebrate the land and local ecosystems. Because we service Wine Country, of course, our tours also incorporate local wines, beers, ciders, and food. We do all of this while fulfilling a commitment to the local environment and donating to organizations that share our perspective on the value of sustainability.