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Adventure, Excitement and Discovery.

Yes, there is an actual Bohemian Highway. This pastoral stretch of winding, two-lane road meanders across ten miles of western Sonoma County and is one of the most scenic drives you can make in Northern California. But to us, it’s also a state of mind. And Bohemian Highway Travel Company is more than a tour company. It’s a glimpse into the magical way of life here. 

We’re seasoned locals who believe in the spirit of adventure. We’re passionate about connecting people in new and interesting ways. We’re inspired by places and experiences not found on the traditional wine tour. And we’re always excited to share our insider knowledge of wine, beer and cider making, the culinary arts, local history, and culture. What’s more, we’re committed to the preservation of the land, and work with venues and businesses that are eco-driven and sustainability-focused...